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Recognition - November 2013

Profs. honoured for contribution

UNB grads at forefront of bionic technology - November 2013

FREDERICTON - Two graduates of the University of New Brunswick have started marketing cutting-edge technology that harnesses the power of the human mind to help amputees control artificial limbs. 

Be accountable for public funds - November 2013

The Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations, which represents university professors, has come out against the provincial government's offer of expanded long term funding for public universities because it is conditional upon universities demonstrating financial accountability.

Funding proviso troubles faculty president - November 2013

The provincial government’s new deal for public universities could end up hurting their independence and academic freedom, says a group representing professors.

Predictable funding for universities and stable tuition levels announced - October 2013

The provincial government has announced sustainable and predictable university funding and stable tuition levels for students

Tuition fee hikes capped at three per cent - October 2013

Public universities in New Brunswick will be able to increase tuition by up to three per cent for the next three years as part of a funding model announced by the Department of Post-econdary Education, Training and Labour.

Message to Students - St. Thomas University and Province of New Brunswick Reach Multi-Year Tuition Fee Schedule and Funding Agreement - October 2013 

St. Thomas University and the Provincial Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour have established a new five-year tuition fee schedule. 

St. Thomas honorary degree recipient tells graduates to follow their passion - October 2013

When Frank Mc-Kenna was asked to push Robert (Bob) Kenny's wheelchair across the stage so he could receive his honorary degree from St. Thomas University, the former premier said he didn't give it a second thought before saying yes.

Comment: Unionization of Professors Inevitable - October 2013

We usually picture university professors as individuals: lecturing in classrooms, debating in seminars, or working on their research.

University is not about the subject, but about education - October 2013

Every new school year brings new questions about the value of an educational system that favours research over teaching.

Build up our university - October 2013

Just as Belgium had their Dupond and Dupont duo, Université de Moncton now has the Raymond Raymond duo with Raymond Théberge as rector and Raymond Lanteigne as president of the Board of Governors.

Three for three - October 2013

In our view: Jody Carr's new portfolio is in dire need of his attention. 

Carr keen to take on new portfolio - September 2013

The province's new minister of Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour says the provincial job strategy and university funding will be his top priorities over the course of his mandate. 

Dear undergrads: Your degree was never intended to land you a job - September 2013

Dear Applicant: Thank you for your letter inquiring about positions in our economics department. At this time, we have no openings.

Universities educate, employers train - September 2013

The trajectory of most individuals in their education and careers is seldom linear. 

Blame Your Unemployment On the Job Market, Not Universities - September 2013

The idea that universities are somehow not doing what we want them to do has become a popular trope in the editorial pages.

MPHEC: Students in Maritime universities see tuition fees rise - September 2013


It is often and rightly said that Université de Moncton is the most important Acadian institution when it comes to fostering the overall development of our community. 

Concerns for students raised - July 2013

A group representing New Brunswick university professors is raising questions about whether the institutions need to do more to help international students succeed. 

Innovation has a pricetagJune 29 2013

Savoie issued a challenge to all New Brunswickers to engage in a "critical debate - at a crucial time" and urged the media to facilitate public discussions on the future of our province.

Atlantic provinces struggle to hold on to foreign studentsJune 1 2013

Jasrene Padman is one who got away. 

The advantages of comprehensive educationMay 15 2013

Can New Brunswick afford the loss of its only anglophone comprehensive university?

New Brunswick budget cuts support for post-secondary education - April 2013

Universities will not receive funding increase from the province.

Questioning Government's Commitment on Innovation - April 2013

Budget Zero increase in province's university and college operating grants has educators concerned.

Universities brace for lean budget - March 2013

Universities fear funding cuts could lead to big tuition hikes.

Universities, colleges and the innovation agenda - March 2013

New Brunswick needs to create new wealth and new opportunities.

Streamlining academia in AlbertaMarch 28 2013

Universities fear a loss of control as the province demands they review programs and make transfers between schools easier. 

Young adults really do have it tougherMarch 26 2013

Prosperity has left young adults in the dust.

Universities feel the squeezeMarch 11 2013

As Canada emerged from recession, many vote-conscious governments at first tried to shelter education funding from the worst of spending cuts as they manoeuvred to cut deficits. 

Resigning VP not being replaced - Feb 28 2013

As the University of Regina deals with the very real possibility of less cash from the government in next month's budget, a U of R vice-president has resigned.

UNB Expects Another Round Of CutsFeb 25 2013

The president of the University of New Brunswick says he’s expecting the university will have to cut at least $3 million from its budget in 2013-14. 

Student group pitches tuition freeze, changes to financial aid programFeb 13 2013

University student leaders say the provincial government could encourage more graduates to live and work in New Brunswick without further damaging its troubled finances. 

Crandall University drops request for city fundingFeb 5 2013

The week university (as we know it) endedJan 27 2013

The big three companies that provide the technology of free online learning – Coursera, Udacity and edX – are all present at Davos, and are jubilant in and out of sessions.

The strong bond between Mali and MonctonJan 19 2013

Konate is the recruiter, selling Moncton and its university as a safe place of learning to the children of the elite of Mali. 

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